" The world looks better when your'e falling, grace to comfort enough to crawling. Divided we must pray for the broken, no one can fix us. We are, we'll always be the wronged.

Coheed&Cambria - The Broken
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Jensen: Maybe if Demon!Dean had lasted a little longer than it did--
Fans: What? What! WHAT!
Jensen: What? Hey look, we're already in episode 9 so maybe it just stopped. Or maybe I've read to 13 and then it stops.
Jensen: Or maybe it stopped after episode 1. I don't know. Spoiler alert! Knock it off!
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A Supernatural Thanksgiving by KamiDiox

Paid commission done for Jenny (jesaku.deviantart.com) about a typical thanksgiving on Bobby’s house. Hope you like it!

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I’d like to get into some sort of workout regimen so I can properly be healthy and exercise like a normal human being. I seem to not do that… ever.

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I saw Dylan O’Brien last night: laughing adorably edition

@8:40pm on 22 Sep515+
"I grew the beard for Hatfields & McCoys funny enough. They asked everyone to grow your hair and grow your facial hair, because you know its back in the day, a history piece, and all the guys didn’t shave that much. So I start growing it out and it’s terrible & patchy and gross. I don’t have black hair either, so when I get to the Shameless set they have to start coloring it in at a certain point. Which kind of helped, because they could color in the patches. When you see the episodes where I had a full on beard, that was like a month of me trying to grow and I’m like ‘Man, this better be worth it.’ I get to Romania and meet the director and the producers; they literally look at me and they go, ‘Yea we’re going to shave it.’"  -Noel Fisher (x)
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